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Fire Rated Ductwork

Ventilation Design Services are pleased to announce that we are now a certified supplier and installer of Firemac rated ductwork.

The systems range from one hour fire resistance through to four hours and are tested to the requirements of BS476: Part 24: 1987.

Our workshop engineers have undertaken a fully comprehensive training programme and are qualified to fit the fibre fabric to the ductwork in our in house workshop.

By using Ventilation Design Services to build and produce Firemac rated ductwork you can rest assured in the knowledge that we conform to all legislation and all work is certified.

The Firemac product is a self-adhesive glass fibre fabric, bonded both physically and mechanically onto steel ductwork to give the required fire resistant. The fabric is applied directly to your ductwork by our workshop engineers , there is no curing time, and the finish is neat and aesthetically pleasing while still achieving the required fire resistance period. By using Ventilation Design Services to bring you your Fire Rated Ductwork you have the following benefits.

  • Self-adhesive fabric so no need for sprays or chemicals
  • No tack or curing time
  • Lightweight but extremely robust and flexible
  • Environmental benefits

Testing is required to prove compliance with fire compart mentation requirements for fire rated ductwork and to check their retention of cross sectional area for smoke extraction requirements. In the UK British Standard BS476: Part 24: 1987 / EN1366 are used for this purpose.

If you require any fire rated ductwork or require any further information on our new product please telephone the office to discuss your individual needs.